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About State of flow:

Is a personal journey, a series of painting where I try to push myself outside my comfort zone, starting often with the color palette: it’s blue, white, grey, green,  clear, cold, warm,  snow, ice, water, skies, rain and light.


Is also an invitation to your personal journey, to questioning yourself, what do you see?

How does it make you feel?

What you observe  today in one of the paintings might be completely different of what will you able to see tomorrow. Reality relies on the eyes of the observer, on you. State of flow is your interaction with the art.

Is the ability to be mindfully present observing something, a rare practice in our everyday life.

State of flow is that unique moment where everything seems to finally connect. 

Opening night: February 1st,  5-8

Show continues on February


Vivid Gallery

895 Green Bay Road Winnetka

The process for a new piece starts always with the selection of music…

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