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White Canvas + rhythm  + movement  + color + questions = ME

I am an Argentinean artist living in Chicago.


The process for a new piece starts always with the selection of music…


Being mindfully present is key because sometimes is the color; sometimes is the music and sometimes a move that leads my strokes into a complete different and unexpected place while I try to surrender to the experience.


As an artist and life coach I am able to see both disciplines interact and feed each other. I believe that everything that happens on the canvas has a correlation with life. Each brush stroke offers me a completely new perspective, a challenge to overcome, a situation to let go, or to contemplate. There are a lot of questions and not a lot of answers.

As I try to push myself outside my comfort zone, this has become a place where I exposed my vulnerabilities on the air, on the canvas, my life-learning platform.

One of the things I enjoy more when creating my art is the possibility of observing and feeling nature through the lens of the different seasons. Changes in nature are my main source of inspiration when it comes to colors, light and even textures. I tried to capture a tiny bit of what I perceive and transform and abstract its essence into something new.

I believe painting is an extremely undiscovered discipline to learn more things about ourselves; as it can give us the possibility to grow and experiment in a playful and safe environment.

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